The Lockdown Show Up Challenge!

3 November 2020

“Just showing up is half the battle”

Well love, here we are about to enter Lockdown the Sequel. I wasn’t a fan of the first one to be honest. During that first lockdown I saw so many of us lose our way.

We felt uncomfortable still showing up online. Uneasy about selling when others couldn’t. Unsure whether to keep posting. Some of us felt totally lost with marketing. This time, I don’t want you to go to that space again. I want to keep you motivated and inspired to come up with content that provides value and shows your customers you’re still available.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’d rather hibernate, watch Netflix and wait for the sh*tstorm to pass, go for it. No judgement here babe – you do you.

However, if you want to keep going, which I encourage you to try and do where you can, I want to be your wing woman throughout. So! With that in mind, I invite you to join The Lockdown Show Up challenge.

I’m going to give you daily prompts to help you post, and don’t worry you don’t have to post everyday but join in when it feels right for you and motivates you, there are no rules here,  just a gentle kick you up the arse when you need it love!

I’ll also be going live every Monday morning with an inspiring business owner to help keep you motivated, ask any questions and hopefully give you plenty of business and marketing ideas.

I can announce the first speakers are: DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

Monday 9th November at 10am live at with Siobhan of This Sister Scribes. Siobhan is my word witch and we’ll be talking about how to show up as your authentic self. A perfect place to start, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Monday 16th November at 10am live at with Chelsea Cox! Previously of Well Defined, Chelsea is an expert at selling both on and off line and will be giving us plenty of tips to keep selling through lockdown and beyond.

Monday 23rd November at 10am live at with TBC

Monday 30th November at 10am live at with TBC (so excited!)

Fancy joining us? Sign up below to join the challenge and receive a weekly email with the posting prompts and be sure to include #lockdownshowup in your post, follow the hashtag and join in! Subscribe here

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