Should I be posting content during the Coronavirus Crisis?

30 March 2020

Yup. I went and said the C word. I’m fed up of it too but I know you’re asking yourself the same question. Should you really be shouting about your business right now? Is it ok to talk about the benefits of using your product/service when the world is in crisis? It’s confusing right?

I’ll say to you what I say to all my clients, when it comes to marketing, there is no right or wrong answer. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t. If it does feel right, then do. You should only be marketing your business in a way that feels natural to you, if it’s forced, we know you aren’t comfortable, it’s harder to sell.

Ok, that’s not all I’ll say but you get the idea. I’m never one to tell you to post at a specific time or only use a certain filter or post on every platform in certain language. I’m very much in the school of what works for you, won’t work for the next person so find your own why, choose what works and feels right for you and go with that.

Right now, our World is pretty much upside down for most of us. I for one have lost every client I worked so hard for over the past three years of setting up my business through no fault of my own. It’s nothing I’ve done, it’s just the shitshow of a situation we are all in right now. This too shall pass. I trust in that.

This will not last forever. We can bounce back. People will want our services again but for the moment, let’s just catch our breath. Let go of that pressure.

I don’t know about you but last week was a write off for me. I could see everyone diving head first into LET’S CREATE ALL THE THINGS!!! JOIN THIS LIVE STREAM!!! WORK OUT EVERY MORNING WITH THAT HOT GUY! WATCH ME STREAM MY TERRIBLE DJ SET LIVE! I’m sorry but it was too much too soon. Still is really. Just give me a break. So when I say yes, you should absolutely be posting right now, I mean to please stop and have a think. Don’t jump head first into “I must act on going digital right this second” and give yourself 17 panic attacks a day because you can’t build a free shopify site yourself. (Please don’t do that – call me).

When have you been given a chance to start from scratch with a clean slate like this? Has your business been working how you’ve always wanted it to? Then great, get posting! You need to carry on. Content should never be a one way street. You can’t just post ‘buy this shiny thing from me’ all the time anyway so use this time to be posting in a way that generates engagement. That informs or entertains or connects. Do not sit there posting pic after pic of the beautiful things you sell if you aren’t mixing it up with something of value to your audience.

If you feel like your business could work differently, then what a great time to rethink it. Diversify by all means, think about how you can work your business online. Think about how your business works and how it could look different. Assess where you’re at and where you want it to go. Use this time to experiment with your content – get it out there.

Quick tips on how/what to post:

  • Be mindful of your audience – keep posting but be wary of what you’re saying. People may have loved ones affected by this virus so be aware of feelings and keep the tone light.
  • Avoid political discussions (unless your activist of course) but mainly, stay away from anything like this right now. We don’t need more of it.
  • Stay away from posting sales if you can. If it fits with your natural business/seasonal timing to offer a sale of some kind please do but don’t devalue your offering right now. Know that your audience may have lost their job and may feel vulnerable right now so this is where content such as How to.. or Tips… or highlighting the behind the scenes/value of your business comes into play.
  • Stay away from talk of meeting up, going travelling, anything that is currently out of the norm – you will get someone come back at you in the comments.
  • Think about how you can provide value without selling – something that should be in your content plan already but if it isn’t nows the time to add it.
  • Think about sharing a daily or weekly activity or hashtag people can join in on that is relevant to your business. Let me know so I can join.
  • If you haven’t used Instagram stories before, practice now. Play around and see how you feel. You don’t have to BBC news it to camera, just start with some pictures or quotes and build up to feeling confident talking if you want to. Just have a play – be social!

Remember, most of your customers are sat at home scrolling right now craving connections and content and fighting fears and boredom. Give them something to visit you (virtually!) for. Above else, please don’t just stop posting. Show up. You worked bloody hard to get here, don’t let this be the thing that breaks you. It’s not going to last forever, your customers WILL be back and they’ll want to know you’re still there too.

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go – just don’t stop”.

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