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3 Top Tips to getting more sales on Instagram

1 – You will not get more sales on Instagram by saving blogs like these. Sorry, but ya won’t! You can book a power hour with me, That’ll help! 2 – All that will probably happen is you’ll wonder why you don’t get the ‘magic secret’ everyone else seems to, not like yourself and feel […]

Actionable PR Tips to grow your business

We all need some good news so now is not the time to stop putting some out there. One of things I do for my clients is create Public Relations strategies that form part of their overall marketing plans. PR is far from just a tick box exercise to be overlooked for shinier things like social […]

Marketing Power Hour – Mini Coaching Session

I know this is a crazy time, you don’t need me to remind you of that so I’ve been focusing on how I can best help you right now. I’ve had some lovely calls with friends and previous clients over the last few weeks and I know one thing is for certain, we have all […]

Book Ange – What working with me looks like

I offer a unique creative consultation process to help you create, plan and action your goals. I’ll help you gain clarity and confidence with your offering while feeling on top of marketing your business in a way that brings sales. My goal is to guide you through the madness of marketing and show you easy […]

Embracing the woo!

For a long time, I’ve been wondering whether to let you in to my world of energy-driven musings! My love of all things energy is something I often keep to myself except to the few people in my inner circle. Not because I’m ashamed of it, more because people don’t always get it. It’s not […]

How to improve your customer experience

I’ve a business goal for you think about. Have you looked at your customer touch points? Those exchanges your customer makes on their journey from discovery to purchase are vital to the success of your business. We all need to check in on our customer journey at the least once a year to make sure […]